Do Guys Like Makeup? 5 Surprising Reasons Why Your Man Might Prefer Your Natural Face

By | 08.07.2019

How to see a girl without makeup richard krautheimer iconography of medieval architecture Chances are, your makeup will be more appealing to you than to a guy. Do Guys Like Makeup? Are you a woman? Drake raps that he thinks a girl is prettiest "hair tied chillin' with no makeup on" From women, see: Alicia Keys' manifesto on ditching makeup. The average woman waits four weeks into a new relationship before she'll let the guy in on a little secret: Her lips are not preternaturally glossy. A woman with a good makeup job can look attractive to a guy, but he is she as appealing to most men as a young woman with no makeup.

A new survey of 2,000 ladies showed that women wear makeup in front of love interests for a month and one day before daring to go bare-faced. Nine out of 10 women said they always apply makeup before the first few dates, and 60 percent said they reapply makeup throughout the course of a date. One-third said they reapply makeup in the morning after staying over at a partner's house for the first time.

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Art by Mia FeitelGetty Images. Fashion, beauty, social media, pop culture, all cultivate a myth of effortlessness. In this package, ELLE. Because effortlessness is a privilege that not everyone can afford. And there's no shame in admitting you actually love putting in the work.

The Most Beautiful Women In The World Without Makeup

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