How to be the Best Girlfriend: 25 Ways to Leave Him Addicted

By | 20.05.2019

How to be the best girlfriend in the world mets news now Understanding how men think and what they need in a relationship makes an enormous difference in the way you are able to relate to one another. The top prerequisite for being in a great relationship is to be your best self. A trap that many people in relationships fall into is blaming their partner when problems arise. Rather than seeing what they can do to make things better, they blame him for not being what they want and think that if only he did XYZ, then everything would be fine. There is so much misinformation out there on what it takes to be a great girlfriend. It's not about cooking his favorite food or wearing sexy lingerie or mastering.

Email Have you ever noticed when you're with a really great guy—one who, say, sends you and your mom flowers simply to beat the winter blues—you're compelled to step up your own game and be the best girlfriend or wife this man has ever seen? Turns out, it doesn't take a ton of time or even effort to stand out from the pack. Here's how you can be a better partner, stat.

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You also have to be an understanding person when it comes to the way he acts and when he messes up. Unfortunately, us girlfriends have a tendency to nag our boyfriends to do certain things from time to time and believe me when I say they hate it. Ditch the nagging and opt for some motivation. Give him a reason to do the things you want him to. Tell him he looks so manly when you see him cleaning the counters.


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June 12, 2018 1. Be a great friend to him.

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How to be the perfect girlfriend

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Here are the top five ways you can be the best and hopefully last! Does not enjoy long walks on the beach Not all men are created equal, but there are some common qualities nearly every guy looks for in a woman. Maintain Your Independence When you begin dating a guy you really like, it's natural to want to spend every waking moment with him.