Michael Wittenberg, Bernadette Peters' Husband, Killed in Crash

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How old was bernadette peters in annie marriage break up statistics September 29, 2005 4.00am THE husbands of major Broadway stars often fall into two categories. The other is quiet and supportive, bemused by the zaniness of life in the theater, content to stand just outside the spotlight in which his wife basks. Michael Wittenberg, the husband of Bernadette Peters, belonged firmly in the second camp. Bernadette Peters born Bernadette Lazzara, is an American actress, singer and her roles in films like Silent Movie, The Jerk, Pennies from Heaven and Annie. com looks at the life and career of Bernadette Peters, the expressive actress who is at home equally on stage and screen. Obituaries Michael Wittenberg, Bernadette Peters' Husband, Killed in Crash The investment adviser, who was 43 years old, was on a business trip in Award winner for her work in Song & Dance and Annie Get Your Gun.

In December of 1976, a twenty-eight year old Bernadette Peters sat at a vanity in a pink silk robe with a mass of strawberry blonde hair piled on top of her head.

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