Interview: Tanked Stars Wayde King and Brett Raymer Talk Business, Aquariums and Reality TV

By | 19.05.2019

Heather raymer mother teasing rhyming words As always, our goal was to learn about the men behind the show. What drives them? What challenges do they face on a day-to-day basis? Heather Raymer and Wayde King wereried on , hence the However, her mother's name or whereabouts have not been disclosed. and he lived with his mother and his stepfather, who happened to run an aquarium cleaning service, Wayde isried to Heather Raymer. Know about Tanked star Brett Raymer'sried life tragedy with the previous He has a sister named Heather, who isried to his business partner, Wayde King. Picture Perfect: Brett Raymer poses for a picture with his mom and dad.

Wayde King is an American entrepreneur and a Television personality. He started the business venture ATM with his brother in law Brett Raymer in 1997 and since the family-run operation has bloomed gaining the reputation as one of the biggest aquarium manufacturing company in United States. He was raised alongside his five sisters.

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The star, however, had a different thought on his mind, as he provided his castmates and girlfriend with a beautiful surprise turning a just another day into a memorable event. Now That's A Tank. Brett Raymer and Tanked crew build up a custom aquarium for NBA superstar Anthony Davis complete with his squad number 23 Published on Dec 12, 2017 In the show, Brett and his partner Wayde King travel around the country either examining the aquariums of the biggest names in the Hollywood or prepare a custom tank for them on their request, as part of the series. Later, he moved to Las Vegas from Brooklyn to economically support his family by establishing a business of a tank-building shop. Photo. Tvseriesfinale.

Watch Brett Propose To His Girlfriend! - Tanked

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