List of GWR 4073 Class locomotives

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Gwr castle class names form 16 for pensioners pnb Running numbers 4073 to 7037. Flashing green, brass and copper, the Great Western's 'Star' Class 4-6-0 four-cylinder express passenger engines, designed by the company's Locomotive, Carriage and Wagon Superintendent G. Churchward and his team of engineers, were Britain's most successful and economical main-line passenger power from 1907, when the first of the class appeared. Their pre-eminence lasted until 1922, when Nigel Gresley's first Pacific was completed at Doncaster for the Great Northern Railway, which was soon to become part of the London and North Eastern. On the 4-6-2 Pacific theme, the Great Western's one and only attempt, The Great Bear of 1908, was not technically a failure, but its weight reduced route availability to such an extent that gave little scope for operational research on a one-off locomotive. Below is a list of all GWR Castle Class engines, built between and Swapped name and number with Bristol Castle in. Buy GWR Castle Class Locomotives in gauge '1' from Golden Age Models Ltd, an ideal There are very low numbers of each name and livery and some are. Train Simulator – BR Castle Class . trains on the GWR with 61 in service by , but after World War 1 there was a need for an.

Collett who became the Chief Mechanical Engineer in 1922 and immediately began working on an improved express passenger locomotive to replace the Star. He succeeded when he came up with a faster, lighter and more compact design in 1923. The Castle Class steam locomotives were built for approximately 27 years with the last one been withdrawn from service just as 1965 was coming to an end.

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