7 Unforgettable Songs For Graduation

By | 15.06.2019

Graduation songs 2018 philippines rate guys youve dated Published on 27-03-2019 Graduation day in Philippines — A milestone achieved! Graduation Day or the moving-up ceremony in Philippines is a day of honour for the students, and the most cherished one for their families. Witnessing their children graduate to the next academic level sure fills them with pride and joy. Falling in the months of March or April, the graduation day is one of the most awaited ceremonies in Philippines. 10 LSS-Worthy Graduation Songs We All Know Filipino crooner Raymond Lauchengco's "Farewell" is the perfect song for friends parting. Here are 35 graduation songs that perfectly describe exactly what you're feeling. Check them out and add 'em to your playlist as you count. There's nothing like the touch of songs to remember your graduation day. Here's a mix of classic and modern graduation songs to give you nostalgia now .. Jyrenne is a content writer/researcher of PawnHero Philippines.

Apr 15, 2019 Margaret Flatley Graduation marks the end of one chapter of your life and the start of an exciting new one! And while you're so looking forward to the journey ahead , saying goodbye to the friends and teachers who have been by your side isn't easy.

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