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Google finance app discontinued boston sunday globe today There have been a lot of people emailing me, messaging me, finding ways to get hold of me, to tell me that my FREE Stock Portfolio Tracker is not working. So here are some explanations and how to get around this problem. However, Yahoo is still able to let us access to the data. This means that not just my spreadsheet is affected. Those people who uses Yahoo Data, which is the finance analysts on Microsoft Excel, their custom applications and software, other Google Spreadsheets are equally affected. If you're looking for a Google Finance alternative to manage your investment Why is Google Finance discontinuing its portfolio feature (in mid I am currently working on a google finance alternative based on the old app. After the changes to Google Finance portfolio tools and design, it was Mobile – It's well done and has been my go-to app on my phone until I. I am now looking for a simple app to replace google finance angry and upset about this is because Google Finance is being discontinued.

News Reviews Phones Google charts in email Look through the extensive Google Chart Gallery for ideas about charts you'd might be able to use.

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And ever since Google discontinued the Google Finance mobile App, which was devastating because it was such a quick way to view stocks. To be honest, it did take me awhile to break the habit of going to finance. What Google Finance Did? In my opinion, the goal of the changes was to unify Google Finance into their main Google Search page as a separate tab like many other categories like News, Images, Shopping, etc.

Build your own Portfolio Tracker on Google Sheets

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Live Updating Google Finance Stock Portfolio Tracker Template Tutorial

alternatives to new google finance

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