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Gainesville sun archives dating someone outside your religion Tom Petty and Co. There will be a Gator Homecoming in the literal sense. Drummer Stan Lynch lived in Gainesville from the age of 5, and guitarist Mike Campbell moved here as a youngster, too. Three of them -- Petty, Tench and Campbell -- have been playing together since the late '60s. Crafty Gemini featured in the paper! WOO-HOO!!!! Remember the online video competition that I entered? The one for a chance to Continue Reading. The Gainesville Guardian,, Anne Favre named executive director of CareerSource North Central Florida The Gainesville Sun,, The Gainesville Sun reports Alachua County deputies discovered the vandalized garage while patrolling a neighborhood in the town of Newberry early morning.

Remember those raunchy, rebel rockers, dressed in body shirts, tight bell-bottoms, shrunken leather jackets and black pointed boots, with their long, tangled hair tossing to and fro as they crouched low to the ground trying to bend yet another lead note from their blasting guitars, maybe even remember the defiiantly held cigarette from their mouths long enough to pick a few notes with their front teeth. These days the musicians have cleaned up their acts.

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Alachua County Judge Peter Seig denied bond for Richard Meissner, who is charged with first-degree murder in the death Saturday of Gina Langevin, 26, of Miramar, a graduate student in the university's architecture college. He also is charged with attempted murder in the stabbing of Jena Hull, 24, of La Belle, who suffered stab wounds of the head and torso and was found clinging by one arm to a balcony railing. The Gainesville Sun newspaper said a source told it Meissner appeared to have attacked Langevin to prevent her from testifying against him in a pending arson trial. However, Lt. Emery Gainey, a spokesman for the Alachua County sheriff's office, said Langevin was an acquaintance of a witness in the arson case and was not a witness herself.

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Heartbreaking Story of a 73-year-old Elderly Homeless Woman in Gainesville, Florida.

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