19 Celebrities That Make Us Want to Shave Our Heads

By | 27.05.2019

Female celebrities going bald team sports quotes and sayings Well, what if I told you that hair loss is pretty common in Tinseltown, too? Turns out that it is. And these fearless females know how to be brave and beautiful in the face of baldness. Top 5 female celebrities with alopecia 1. Female celebrities struggle with many issues that you struggle with, However, her hair suffered due to years of hair extensions, and she now has bald The actress wore wigs to protect her hair and allow it to grow back. In an interview with The Mirror, he explained how difficult it had been to go totally bald at such a young age. “I have the same insecurities anyone else has about.

While her hair has stayed relatively the same over years, don't think it has not been damaged just as much as a celebrity who changes their hair up often. But ever since her infamous meltdown a couple years ago, homegirl can't seem to keep it together off stage, regularly showing us what a ratty looking weave looks like. Most likely because she cannot be bothered to care anymore if she is not on stage, which is somewhat refreshing.

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A post shared by Sara Sampaio sarasampaio on Jul 1, 2018 at 12.23pm PDT Helping to open up the conversation about female hair loss is supermodel Sara Sampaio who recently revealed her struggle with trichotillomania, a disorder that, in her case, lead to her pulling on her eyebrow hairs until they come out, leaving visible gaps. The VS model discussed her ongoing struggle with the disorder via Instagram saying, 'Mine started when I was around 15yo! It started with me pulling on my eyelashes and almost quick after it went to me pulling in my eyebrow hair! I no longer pull on my eyelashes and have been pulling on my eyebrows ever since!

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Think again. Female celebrities struggle with many issues that you struggle with, including hair loss.

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8 Bald Yet Beautiful Female Celebrities

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