20 inspiring names for your clever and feisty baby girl

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Feisty woman names alpha personality test It means "Canal". Chanel has been in use since the 1970s. The French company Chanel that specializes in couture clothing, accessories and perfumes only for women, has greatly influenced the name. Keen to give your baby girl a name inspired by someone clever and strong? We' ve scouted a whole bunch of great options for you to consider. Soooooo if I asked for a name to describe a feisty/fierce little girl, either by association or imagination, what name springs to mind? Thanks ladies. I'm writing a fantasy story set in another universe about a feisty, cheeky They will be the main characters I think, but I need names for them all!.

Some parents have also named their children after colors, countries, flowers, actors, and political figures.

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Looking for a baby girl name that is as young and refreshing as you imagine your daughter to be? Why not go with Juniper? Juniper comes from the Latin word Juniperus, meaning evergreen or youth producing. Its uniqueness brings out a little bit of edge that will be great for a little girl with a few fun quirks of her own.

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