The Rite: The Story Behind the Film

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Father gary thomas books online dating research articles Pictures Sergio Strizzi, xx Demonic attack -- now there's something that Hollywood animation crews have realized in vivid, awful detail in film after film. Check out the trailer for the new movie "The Haunting in Connecticut" and you'll see a perfect recent example. Shadowy figures, horrific tattoos breaking out all over someone's body, a young boy vomiting a snake-shaped cloud. After a few minutes, however, he began to cough -- at first just a bit, but then the coughing got worse and worse. He began to move his head from side to side as if trying to dislodge Father Carmine's hand. It's the gripping tale of a San Jose, California, priest, Father Gary Thomas, who at an American journalist in Rome, wrote a book based on Father Gary's story. Father Gary Thomas explains the real-life profession at the center of so where I met Matt Baglio, who wrote a book about my experiences. Baglio's book, The Rite: The Making of a Modern Exorcist, follows We know that the character of Father Gary Thomas was changed from a.

So what makes these demonic stories so scary?

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Bishops just had a conference on exorcism — this book puts the often misunderstood rite in perspective. Exorcism has gotten a bad name from Hollywood, says author Matt Baglio, who has written a sober, well-researched eyewitness report on the Catholic practice of expelling demons. Rare are the dramatic scenes of spinning heads and floating tables, he claims. Exorcisms most often take place in routine church settings and involve a half hour of prayer and spiritual direction. The story is compelling for none of the reasons that moviegoers would expect, yet the book is being made into a movie that will be released in January, starring Anthony Hopkins.

Fr Gary Thomas - "Does Evil Exist?"

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the rite: the making of a modern exorcist

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