How a vigilante Facebook group tried to get “anti-national” Indians fired and arrested

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Facebook photo silchar haman south park Among its administrators is Ankit Jain, who is followed on Twitter by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, among other BJP leaders, and is best known for starting the recent campaign alleging Twitter was biased against right-wing supporters. That night, the group was deleted. It was not immediately clear whether it had been removed by Facebook or wound up by its administrators. See photos, profile pictures and albums from Silchar lumding broad gauge line. Silchar,, A girl allegedly committed suicide after her “obscene” photos appeared on the popular social media network Facebook. See most popular tourist places to visit in Silchar, top things to do, shopping and silchar photos Here are the top 15 tourist attractions to see in Silchar.

But it is the message along with the picture which is really moving. It is being claimed that the girl is "an IAS topper introducing her father to people. A grand salute to her and her father".

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