The Original Emotional Contagion Scale

By | 30.06.2019

Emotional contagion scale.doc divorce coach rochester ny Women score higher than men to all affect factors love items 6, 9, 12, happiness items, 2, 3, 11, sadness items, 1, 4, 14 but not to the anger affect factor items 5, 7, 10 where there is not significant difference between men and women Table 3. Discussion The main purpose of the present study was to adapt the ECS scale to the Greek cultural context, to define its factor structure within this context, and secondly to investigate possible gender differences regarding emotional contagion. PCA revealed four components, the loadings of which met the generally adopted criteria for minimal loading levels . The rotated solution revealed a four-factor structure, which is theoretically and statistically justified . How susceptible are you to catching a bad case of emotions? Take this questionnaire to find out. susceptibility to emotional contagion for the Love sub-scale was observed in . of emotion but only the questionnaire of EC scale with hypothetical scenarios. The only questionnaire 67 specifically concerned with this construct is the Emotional Contagion Scale 68 developed by Hatfield, Doherty, and colleagues.

Abstract Background The Emotional Contagion Scale ECS is a self-report scale used to measure individual differences in susceptibility to converge towards the emotions expressed by others.

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