Demi Moore says her relationships are now her priority over her work after she shifted her focus

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Demi moore partner now phoenix arizona singles events Moore can be described as a self-made woman having quit school at the age of 16 to pursue a career in modeling and acting. Moore has equally recorded a number of acting roles on the small screen the most notable of which is her recurring role as Claudia in the hit series Empire. Over her long-running career, the actress has had a quite interesting relationship timeline with a star-studded array of ex-husbands and ex-lovers. After dating for a few months, the duo tied the knot on February 8, 1980. Also a songwriter, Demi Moore collaborated with her then-husband Freddy Moore on a number of songs. Demi Moore is rumored to be dating Serbian fashion stylist Masha Demi, who has three adult daughters with ex-husband Bruce Willis, .. be Demi's first public relationship since herriage to Ashton Kutcher Demi - born Demi Gene Guynes - was also wed to singer Freddy Moore for .. Moore wasried to musician Freddy Moore from to In , sheried Bruce Willis, and the two have three daughters. A source claims actress Demi Moore is currently dating her youngest Since her split from toyboy husband Ashton Kutcher in , actress Demi Moore, 5 has . This is the age you're most likely to cheat on your partner.

She was 16 years older and had three teenage daughters, while he was a 20-something actor in his professional and hunky prime who never seemed to have a girlfriend for very long up to that point. They ended up sticking it out for six years, then filing for divorce…but didn't finalize the split for two years. What happened?

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