The Guide to Dating Across Religions

By | 26.05.2019

Dating someone outside your religion zodiac signs compatibility birth dates Ask Dr. Schwartz Question. I like this girl. She is catholic and I am Muslim. Here's a fun one- is it a good idea you date/ry someone outside your belief? How far outside? Should it matter more to some faiths? Is it just. Dating outside of your faith comes with its own unique set of challenges. but dating someone of a different religion adds an entirely new set of challenges. It can be a challenge to fall for someone of a different faith. out what type of life you want to live with your partner without all of the outside noise. When dating someone that does not have the same religious views as you.

I am not. We couldn't have been raised more differently.

Here's how to overcome them. By Wesley Baines Shutterstock. Every assumption we hold about how the world works is filtered through our faith, giving us a coherent worldview that informs our every decision.

Dating Outside Your Religion: Can It Work?

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Giphy Yep, my first love was from a completely different religious background and that's why things ended before we left high school. We dated for about 2 and a half years and it was the first relationship for either of us.

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