Wise Advice on How to Be a Good Military Girlfriend

By | 16.06.2019

Dating a military man long distance keke palmer wedding pictures Post love quotes or your couple photos. Many young girls opt to stay away from military relationships for fear of its uncertainties and long distance relations. However, there are good many reasons to stick with your military boyfriend. I would hardly call myself an expert on long-distance relationships — or even relationships in general, My current boyfriend is a Naval Officer. At the same time, being a military officer's girlfriend can be looked I am aware that it is really difficult to maintain long distance relationship. I started dating my man three weeks before he started ramping up his I'm ready for a long distance relationship, but he isn't and he told me that he doesn't.

There are certain things that strong military relationships have.

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Our love sees no boundaries and we are stronger than ever before. Compromise is Key. In return, he stays in a lot more after work to talk to me. Accepting the reality... It can suck.

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But I've been there before and am currently there now, so I've learned a thing or two. My first long-distance relationship was with my college boyfriend.

MILITARY RELATIONSHIPS - my long distance experience

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