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Creepy english last names parallel cousin marriage problems Come join FamilyFriendsFirearms. Joe B. MacArthur being son of Arthur. McDonald is son of Donald. Something else "son of" comes to mind but I won't go there, I think your imagination will suffice. Mortimer Winfield/Wynnfield Cross Ackenfield Acklefield Chaucer Waynette Hampenstead Briqueville Canaigres I also found this website. An interesting last name paired with a sound first name can work wonders. Trumbald . This is a collection of names that have been considered evil by one culture or another Killer Ted Bundy In His New Movie And The Resemblance Is Creepy AF.

Either way, check out this list and see what you think! Abernathy — Sounds fun and mysterious, just like you! Angeles — For the wannabe starlet Annesley — Sounds soft, cool and feminine… An excellent last name Archer — Cool, collected and strong, the way and archer has to be Ash — Who needs more than one syllable for a last name?

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It is said that new last names were created during the Victorian era. There were various reasons and one of them being migration. The English had migrated to Ireland and settled there. But they were not able to speak, read or write Irish Gaelic and new last names were to be formed.

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