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Cosmopolitan magazine description my friend is dating the guy i like The women look young and fertile, and the cover star is generally Beautiful Young Woman With Lots of Cleavage, Standing, Hand on Hip, Almost but Not Quite Smiling — or the look a woman might give herself in the mirror before going out hoping to get hit on. The brand saves money by repurposing its covers across various editions, and it shaves costs in other ways, too. For the most part, articles are created by a small team of staff members at Big Cosmo and then ripple outward through the Cosmo network. The magazine has a database for international editors to see what features Cosmo U. Writers do not receive royalties when their work is repurposed. Get your digital subscription/issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine on Magzter and enjoy reading the magazine on iPad, iPhone, Android devices and the web. Fill in the form below to subscribe to Cosmopolitan for up to 82% OFF what others pay Check this box to add a 1-year subscription to ELLE for JUST $5 MORE!. Subscribe to Cosmopolitan below rn for up to 82% off the newsstand price, AKA Check this box to add a 1-year subscription to Women's Health for JUST $

How Cosmo Changed the World The fascinating story of the magazine you know, love, and can't live without. Oh, let's just say it. Cosmo's your bible! But have you ever wondered the way it all began?

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Cosmopolitan Editor-In-Chief Joanna Coles Gives Inside Look At 'So Cosmo' Reality Show - TODAY

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