Classical Music Night - Concordia Wind Quintet @ The Historic Holmes Theatre

By | 22.05.2019

Concordia college music faculty 1 year anniversary with girlfriend I'm very grateful to spend my undergrad time at Concordia for many reasons and could go on about the positives for days! However, I have found that most reviews of Concordia completely avoid looking at the areas in which the college and surrounding student body and community need to work on. So take this as a disclaimer. my criticisms are not meant to bash Concordia. The college has since expanded to hold a music department of 45 faculty, The Concordia Choir is a member mixed choir that travels. Concordia University of Edmonton's School of Music covers topics such as music theory, composition, conducting, history, literature, choral, vocal and keyboard. Important Note: Students currently pursuing a Music minor at Concordia will continue to be fully supported, on schedule, through graduation, but the program will.

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