23 Times Chuck Bass Gave You Intense Suit Goals

By | 03.06.2019

Chuck bass suits marina squerciati husband name If you're like the average guy, chances are you've had one of two reactions to these two words. Gossip Girl. There is his macho confidence in the way he says, "I'm Chuck Bass", his swagger and undeniable good looks and well, to put it simply, you would be better off borrowing some tips from this mother chucker. Here's how. Chuck's style is all about traditional preppy clothes mixed with a bit of a modern edge. He accessorizes well and is always put together. From a basic suit to a red jumpsuit, he has it all. There is simply no other reason why he looked so good except for the fact he's Chuck Bass. The show that gave us Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass also provided some and Blair were always at their best when wearing matching outfits. There is his macho confidence in the way he says, "I'm Chuck Bass", his Also, step out of the box and try suits in different colors - like a rich.

I find it quite amazing how different mediums- books or tv- transform the content. In a full three piece suit, no less. Too much menswear amazingness in one photo.

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Constantly the star of the show on gossipgirl. It's crazy to think that at the beginning of 'Gossip Girl' we hated Chuck. He was the villain and we cringed every time he came on the screen.

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