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Chicago art events today usps no access tracking Comics have been used to tell deeper stories about the human condition, to shock in the Pulp sense and awe in the Old Testament sense , and by meddling kids to create fun and spooky adventures. This panel explores the many different approaches to how visual and narrative imagery from mythology, folklore, and the occult are used in comics and illustration. This panel is sponsored by MCA. Join in as this amazing creative team discusses post-apocalyptic America, the reemergence of Afro sci-fi, science fiction as social commentary, collaboration, and a preview of BTTMFDRS! Michael Kupperman takes you through his career as a comic artist, illustrator and writer, starting in the zine world of the nineties, through working for the New Yorker and the New York Times, animations for Comedy Central and Saturday Night Live, his own comics and graphic novels including his latest, serious book All the Answers , dressing up as Mark Twain, working and performing with comedians, and his Twitter adventures. Chicago event and entertainment listings found in search for. Narrow This Weekend The Chicago Art Department opens Muscle Memories from PM. All the parties, events, and fun festivals to hit up in Chicago this weekend. Discover the free visual art and performance programs preted at the Cultural Center by the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events and its . Town.

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art events chicago 2018

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African Americans Designers in Chicago: Art Commerce and the Politics of Race.

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