8 recent TV shows cancelled far too soon

By | 12.07.2019

Capture tv show cancelled bulgarian models pictures NBC Back before the era of streaming networks and any channel aside from the "Big Four" being worth your time, hearing your fave TV show was canceled was the worst. But now when a show is axed at its home network, a chance of survival exists. Whether the show is picked up by other networks or taken on by Netflix or Hulu, there are more avenues than ever for shows to live on after cancellation. This is great and all, but we can't help but lament all the amazing shows that were canceled before this was the norm! Luckily for us, true cancellations are becoming less and less normal for good shows, at least as we get years and years with our faves that we would never have had even a decade ago! This fall saw a slew of new TV shows, but nowadays there's just too truck to capture series' monstrous arch-villain, Ashe, played, surprisingly. The CW's "Containment" has been cancelled and will not return for Season The outbreak drama, which was billed as a limited series prior to air, will finish out This is quality television, and it makes nose to cancel it. 11 hours ago From dramas to comedies, it's been a bloodbath as networks announce a number of series coming to an end.

Gone Too Soon? Despite a lot of buzz, the show failed to capture a big enough audience. But fans left wondering what happened on the show were given some closure the following summer when the last four episodes aired on another network.

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The following 11 shows tried to live up to the movies they were adapted from, but ultimately didn't capture the same magic. Despite having Jane Fonda as an executive producer, 9 to 5 only lasted two seasons before it was relegated to first run syndication in the 1980s. Gidget and The New Gidget The TV show didn't really stick to the plot of the 1959 movie of the same name, which might have caused confusion with viewers. Gidget was one of the first TV shows regularly broadcast in color, but only lasted for one season in the 1960s. Oddly, the 1980s reboot The New Gidget lasted longer, for 44 episodes.

25 Animated Shows That Were Cancelled Too Soon

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Z Nation The Walking Dead has always tried to inject as much verisimilitude as possible into the bleak and ridiculous reality of its zombie apocalypse. Fans and haters alike routinely poke and pick apart every seam, crust and pocket of its in-world logic, in a bid to expose and unravel the unforgiveable contradictions and physical implausiblities embedded in the concept and its execution.

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