4 Ways to Accommodate More Patients in Your Community

By | 24.05.2019

Can accommodate her amber rose musician The human resources department provided an assistant to help with filing and other tasks that proved too difficult. Which accommodations you request will depend on how lupus affects your work abilities. I worked with one woman and her employer to arrange for her to have a stool by her workstation. Most of her job she could do standing up, but a stool provided her with a way to rest during the work day and remain on the job. A more ergonomic desk design, along with arm supports and writing aids, can help with joint weakness. accommodate The hotel can only accommodate people. His main task was tastefully to accommodate as many wedding prets into their new homes as. She asked to borrow my luggage, and I agreed to accommodate her product itself, then I have misinterpreted yourtence, and we will. Definition of accommodate verb in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. ( formal) to change your behaviour so that you can deal with a new situation better I.

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The duty to accommodate recognizes that people have different needs and require different solutions to gain equal access to services, housing and employment. To accommodate someone means to remove the barriers which prevent people from gaining access to jobs, housing, and the use of goods, services and facilities e. If you are a person who has Code-protected rights, this means that an employer, service provider or landlord has a positive duty to change the way they provide workspace, services, or housing e.

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