Which New Yorkers Should Move to L.A.?

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California vs new york culture pounced org browse Mar 16, 2015 1. Living in flip flops When I moved to New York from Southern California, nothing deterred me from spending summers gradually wearing the flimsy soles of my favorite flip flops down to the width of a Metrocard — not even ending each day by scrubbing the blackened soles of my feet in my Brooklyn bathtub. Then, on a humid Chinatown morning, I abruptly realized just how close my naked feet were to the trash-strewn New York City sidewalks. Tags: NYC vs LA Los Angeles New York Some of the largest cultural differences stem from “East Coast” and “West Coast” mentalities - with. If you were in New York City, a place where people walk, you will find yourself in situations whereupon yelling this at the taxi driver who nearly ran over your foot. The Real Culture War: NYC vs LA I've visited LA a couple of times and live in New York, so I have a vaguese of the similarities and differences between them. . I grew up in California but live on the East Coast now.

It seems that for a long time they harbored a lot of facile prejudices about us but have lately realized that L. For some, this apparently began while they were looking at Instagram.

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