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By | 07.06.2019

Bye bye facebook ny times boyfriend is like my dad When you browse sites outside Facebook, the company can still track your browsing activity to help brands serve you targeted ads. After visiting a website for a pair of shoes, for example, you might see an ad for those shoes — or similar ones — when you go to another site. The social network uses a variety of approaches to collect information about web users. One involves Facebook pixel , an invisible tracker that brands can embed into their websites. When you load a website for a brand, Facebook pixel sends information about the device and its browsing activities back to the company.

Dance Dec. But an investigation by The New York Times , based on hundreds of pages of internal Facebook documents and interviews with about 50 former employees of Facebook and its partners, reveals that the marketplace for that data is even bigger than many consumers suspected.

Facebook, based in Menlo Park, Calif. Related Links Video. Facebook, by the Numbers By any measure, Facebook is paying a steep price for a service that is widely used internationally but is less known in the United States. WhatsApp does not sell advertising and has very little revenue. At the time of that deal in 2012, critics assailed Facebook for overpaying, and this megadeal is sure to attract similar scrutiny.

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