Brittani Louise Taylor – Bio, Facts About The YouTube Star Turned Author

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Brittani louise taylor and milos best quality rear view camera in india By Brittani Louise Taylor You want to know how to bounce back? The first thing to do is eat your feelings. Leave no ice cream container untouched, no pizza joint unvisited and no candy bar half eaten. Then go out and immediately find someone else. You get on those dating apps, and swipe until your thumb is callused! NEW videos every Saturday! My true crime memoir "A Sucky Love Story - Overcoming Unhappily Ever After" is OUT NOW! Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble. By Brittani Louise Taylor Updated, Milos was in America on a vacation of sorts, sowing his oats after spending grueling. Brittani Louise Taylor glanced around her gorgeous Los Angeles home. His name was Milos Mihajlovic, and he was a rarity in Los Angeles—genuinely.

She has gone from budding actress to YouTube sensation, mother, and author. At every turn, Brittani has shown that she can turn her challenges to triumphs on a personal or business level. The YouTuber is known for her immense success on YouTube and especially for her eponymously-titled YouTube channel Brittani Louise Taylor which has made her one of the most subscribed female content creators on the video streaming platform.

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Brittani Louise Taylor I have a confession to make. In 2015, I was 31 and still not in the sexually active club. It might have been because of my soul-shattering teenage acne, which followed me into my 20s. Growing up in the small tourist town of Sedona, Arizona, opportunities were limited.

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