Mayim Bialik Interviews Comedian Iliza Shlesigner About Her New Netflix Special: “Confirmed Kills”

By | 08.06.2019

Blonde comedian netflix special how old was bernadette peters in annie A post shared by ilizas ilizas on Mar 18, 2019 at 8.03am PDT This new special is going to be taped in Nashville on May 31st, as you announced last week. I wish I could have recorded this yesterday. We went to Netflix and they were very cool about scheduling. I always think about not wanting to let them down and not wanting to let myself down, and that keeps me going. But while you get this bigger platform and audience through putting shows on Netflix, are you worried that this will deter people from wanting to pay for tickets to see you live? Female stand-up comics who you need to check out. If you’re a Netflix subscriber, you probably know comedian Iliza Shlesinger from the cover art of her standup special, War Paint. She’s the pretty topless girl smiling back at you from your Netflix library, with her blonde hair draping over her breasts in a strategic manner. Since the release of her most recent Netflix comedy special Elder Millennial, social commentary continue to prove she is no dumb blonde.

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