Wife jailed for killing husband in confrontation with mistress speaks out from prison

By | 29.05.2019

Bill hall jr accident scene google photos download Hall, the San Antonio wife who was convicted of killing her trucking magnate husband during a 2013 highway chase with him and his lover, is a free woman again after her release from prison Friday, Sept. November 15, 2016. A toxic love triangle between a multimillionaire, his wife and a young manipulative lover. Bill Hall Jr. But he also had a big secret, one that loving wife wouldn't be too happy to know about. Hall, 5 garnered national and international headlines when jurors gave her the lightetence possible for killing her husband of 32 years, Bill Hall Jr., 5 who with his wife built their company, Bill Hall Jr. “To me, it was an accident. Read her on our free site, lifeloveand.me, and on our subscriber site. who had been following his lover's vehicle, was critically injured and Frances Hall has insisted all along that it was an accident. The “accident” came about after Frances Hall saw her husband's A police officer at the scene saw Bill Hall, Jr., take a “huge breath” and grab.

Bill Hall was on a motorcycle. She turned around, rammed the Range Rover with the Escalade, and the trio became involved in a highway chase that ended with the motorcycle and SUV colliding. Bill Hall Jr.

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Wife in prison for killing husband in confrontation with mistress speaks out

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