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Bill bryson a walk in the woods apps for finding japanese friends He chronicled the journey with his estranged middle school friend Steven Katz in his memoir A Walk in the Woods. Redford would play Bryson, while Newman would play Katz. Unfortunately, Newman died before the plan could come to fruition, but after a couple years' delay, the film has finally been made, with Redford in the starring role and Katz played by a grizzled, rotund Nick Nolte. A Walk in the Woods : Rediscovering America on the Appalachian Trail on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Matt Angerer of Carlisle is Katz, a fair depiction in the famous author's books and in a new movie "A Walk In the Woods". As you might expect, Bill Bryson was thrilled when the rights to his memoir, A Walk in the Woods, were purchased by Robert Redford back in.

A Walk in the Woods , about Bryson's trek along the Appalachian Trail with his childhood buddy Stephen Katz, became a bestseller after it was published in 1998, propelling Bryson to travel-writer fame. But, as the years unfolded without any news on the film adaptation, it began to look like A Walk in the Woods was never going to be a movie after all.

Bryson. In 1995 went back to the U. I was trying to think of an idea for another book and some kind of a project, and I was genuinely out for a walk, and I stumbled on a sign board for the Appalachian Trail, which I knew only a little bit about, and had no idea that it ran through this town that we had just moved to. I was genuinely taken by the idea of the immensity of this trail, 2,200 miles. If you've lived 20 years in England, 2,000 miles is just off the charts; you can't conceive such a great distance.

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