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Best enneagram test sedig dortmund vs leverkusen predictions English Enneagram The Enneagram is a personality model which is aimed at the development of a person. In total, there are exactly nine different personality types. Each of these types can be divided into three categories. Intellectual, Motoric and Emotional. Try our Enneagram Test example by clicking the image on the right scroll down for mobile version or sign up for free to create your own Enneagram Test. In total there are exact nine different personality types. To try to answer this question, I first selected three of the best-selling tests: The Stanford Enneagram Discovery and Inventory Guide , by David. What's the Best Enneagram Test? SEDIG - 58% accurate. Probability that true type is among top 3 scores for the three tests listed above. The probability that your true type is included in your top three scores on this test is 63%, and the probability that your highest score matches.

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