2000 Belarusian parliamentary election

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Belarus 2001 election aaron marquis leaves rooster teeth US spends millions to bolster Belarus opposition Authoritarian President Lukashenko headed toward a reelection win yesterday. On the eve of the vote, the Belarussian government banned 2,000 of 7,000 local election observers. Analysts say a controversial early-balloting system - some polling stations in yesterday's election actually opened on Tuesday - was designed to seal a first-round victory for the Belarus leader. Whatever the outcome, the election is revealing a remarkably high level of US and Western involvement on the side of pro-democracy activists, which has embroiled the American ambassador and senior Western officials in a political firestorm. Although regime opponents say they are pleased to have help in building civil society in the former Soviet republic - and, by extension, in their attempt to oust the man often called the "last dictator in Europe" - the lifeline of cash and moral support has bolstered Lukashenko's claim that he is a target of Cold War-style meddling. Belarus holds first presidential election in seven years, but only after stripping of Belarus's polling places choto mirror the country at large, . A version of this article appears in print on, , on. US spends millions to bolster Belarus opposition, Whatever the outcome, the election is revealing a rekably high. Region, Turnout, Gaidukevich S.V., Goncharik V.I., Lukashenko A.G.. Brest Region, , , , Vitebsk Region, , , ,

Opt out or contact us anytime In an election-day coda to the news media campaign, Internet users here abruptly lost access today to between 12 and 20 Web sites run by Mr. Lukashenko's critics.

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That seems to be the way that the rest of the world is regarding the presidential election on September 9th in Belarus, a country in the middle of Europe that makes even Russia, its neighbour to the east, seem prosperous and well governed. But writing the poll off as a large yawn would be a mistake. Belarus's plight matters to its western neighbours, and should matter to Russia too, although the Kremlin shows little sign so far of wanting to improve things there.

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Home Government Elections Elections in Belarus According to the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus , its citizens have the right to vote and stand for governmental bodies on the basis of universal, equal, direct or indirect suffrage by secret ballot. All elections in Belarus are direct, except for the elections to the Council of the Republic of the National Assembly whose members are elected indirectly. Every Belarusian citizen over 18 is eligible to vote. Citizens who are declared legally incapable by court or serve a prison sentence have no right to vote. Several types of elections are held in the Republic of Belarus. elections of the President of the Republic of Belarus , deputies of the House of Representatives and members of the Council of the Republic, deputies of local Councils of Deputies.

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