Assumptions of Law of Supply

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Assumptions of law of supply app ted talks ios As seen in Fig. Important Points about Law of Supply. 1. It states the positive relationship between price and quantity supplied, assuming no changes in other factors. It is a qualitative statement, as it indicates the direction of change in the quantity supplied, but it does not indicate the magnitude of change. Till now we have seen the law of demand and the law of supply. Given below are the assumptions on which the law of supply is based on.

When we use the supply and demand model to explain a market, we are implicitly making a number of assumptions about that market. Supply and demand analysis assumes competitive markets. For a supply curve to exist, there must be a large number of sellers in the market; and for a demand curve to exist, there must be many buyers.

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Introduction to the Law of Supply 2. Explanation of the Law 3. Assumption 4. Introduction to the Law of Supply. The law of supply reflects the general tendency of the sellers in offering their stock of a commodity for sale in relation to the varying prices. It has been observed that usually sellers are willing to supply more with a rise in prices.

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