Did Ashley & Thomas From 'Southern Charm' Split? Her Recent Instagram Comments Clear Things Up

By | 19.06.2019

Ashley perkins southern charm jenny milkowski wikipedia Brian Boone Southern Charm has quietly becoming one of Bravo's most popular television shows despite not featuring a single desperate housewife , washed-up C-list celebrity, or the smiling mug of Andy Cohen. Perhaps it's so popular because it offers a glimpse if not a lingering, unflinching stare into a world rarely seen on TV or in pop culture at large. the rarified social circles of Charleston, S. Of course, Southern Charm's "characters" also bring viewers back week after week, including good-guy chill-master Shep Rose, den mother Cameran Eubanks, Margaret Mitchell-character-come-to-life Patricia Altschul, and disgraced former politician and dynastic scion Thomas Ravenel. Much of the show revolves around Ravenel's personal life — he and his ex, Kathryn Dennis, have two kids together and have fought contentious custody battles and their own personal demons. Ashley Perkins is now defending Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel against rape claims by his former nanny, after she accused him of. The drama of Southern Charm never ceases. stating the opposite, Thomas Ravenel and Ashley Jacobs didn't split, according to Ashley herself. to People denying allegations made by one of the accusers, Ashley Perkins. Thomas Ravenel: Examining the Southern Charm Star's History of Inreal estate agent Ashley Perkins alleged to PEOPLE that her.

Getting behind the headlines can make for good television, unless the headlines are about alleged crimes a TV star has committed.

Senate candidate reportedly assaulted a 54-year-old Florida woman. Perkins launched an aggressive social media crusade aimed at exposing the 56-year-old playboy. Ravenel flatly denied the allegation. In fact, he issued a blanket denial of any allegation of sexual assault.

Ashley Defends Thomas's Allegations - Season 5 Reunion - Southern Charm

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