Andy Stanley's stance on homosexuality questioned

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Andy stanley sermons buckhead church illustrator cc paint brush not working Photo. Reuters It was a simple enough request. drop off your drawers. That was the tongue-in-cheek promo a Buckhead, Atlanta, church used to encourage members attending its special "Single Series" to purchase packages of men's briefs to donate to a local shelter. Based on photos shared online, members of the North Point Ministries church, founded by pastor Andy Stanley, went above and beyond with their donations. The church explains that the yearly "Singles Series" gatherings, most recently held on May 19 and 26 and on June 2, are a way for unattached adults from all six North Point Ministries campuses to get together for worship and teaching, and of course, to mingle. Buckhead Church in Atlanta, Georgia, belonging to Andy Stanley's North Point Ministries, encouraged "Singles Series" attendees to buy men's underwear to donate to a shelter for the homeless. The Church is rekable. Follow Buckhead Church: YouTube Twitter Instagram Facebook Website. Inconceivable // Andy Stanley Welcome to the weekly audio podcast for Buckhead Church in Atlanta, GA where our. Buckhead Church, Atlanta, GA. family happening today as we're kicking off summer in all age groups and beginning a brand-new series with Andy Stanley. Welcome to the weekly audio podcast for Buckhead Church in Atlanta, GA where our mission is to lead You're Not the Boss of Me, Part 3: Envy // Andy Stanley.

A We often use video as a means to bring relevant messages to our congregation. As long as the video technique is meaningful and helpful in our mission to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ, we will continue to use video messages for preaching and a local ministry staff for ministry. If we determine another technique is more relevant and helpful in accomplishing our mission, we will adopt it.

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