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Maggie By far the worst character in the film, as soon as that sly mug shows up in the 9th fairway snack shack.

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That I have been disconcerted of late due to equivocation in the stock market is no secret, and though on the above-mentioned September 16 the culmination of a long-standing downward spiral dropped Amalgamated-Matter off the Big Board once and for all, reducing my broker suddenly to the legume family, I do not offer this as an excuse for my negligence and monumental ineptitude. I goofed. Forgive me. That you failed to notice the missing letter indicated a certain disconcertion on your part, which I put down to zeal, but heaven knows we all make mistakes.

Bill Murray reflects on "Caddyshack" and his career

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(Nice Hat) It Looks Good On You Though ::: Al Czervik (Rodney Dangerfield) ::: Caddyshack

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Заказать Cостояние пластинки: M. Cостояние конверта: M. БРАВО. СССР. Мелодия г.