R S Hughes — Point Of Interest in Aberystwyth

By | 08.06.2019

Aberystwyth livery yard filipino blogs in dubai Overall, this means we can provide a comprehensive service to meet your needs, whatever your aims or ambitions. To find out about our services, click here. Or scroll down to find out more about us. Services Dr. Carol Green My career has focussed on the schooling and training of riders and horses for success in the traditional equine sports industry; followed by academic qualifications and experience which has broadened the scope of my teaching. I have trained my own horses to a high level and therefore I understand both the expertise and frustrations of riding and competing. Im asking for my housemate if any of you lovely people know of a yard in this area which offers 24/7 T/O (in small groups as her gelding can be. Aberystwyth University equine yard is a highly commended centre for riding and training to BHSAI level. We also run equine studies and science courses. We have excellent livery facilities, competitions and well mannered teaching horses. Looking for Ceredigion Livery Stables? Find a complete list of local Livery Stables in Ceredigion with lifeloveand.me, local Aberystwyth, SY23 4QN .

Easily accessible, 7 miles north of Aberystwyth. Slated tiled floor.

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