The 10 Best Wrestling Podcasts

By | 26.05.2019

Wrestling pov podcast dating a colombian woman in america The lights all but went out and some electronic rock reminiscent of early 2000s movie hacking-scene montages began playing from the speakers. A short British man with long, stringy hair and purple tights came out from the backstage area and raised his arms above his head, touching his two index fingers together. I plan on having some friends over for every pay-per-view event, and throwing big parties for each Wrestlemania. A podcast with a wrestlers pov, a super fans pov, and a females pov and our intern miguel cole, and of course you the listeners pov! we cover wwe raw and sm. Miss an episode of Wrestling Pov Podcast? Well catch up with iHeartRadio! Listen to free episodes on demand!. Wrestling POV: Review Raw, Smackdown, NXT, All PPVs, PPV Points Game WPOV Global: Review NJPW, NEW Episode of the #WrestlingPOV Podcast!!!.

Show Highlights. The hosts were reading bad reviews of We Watch Wrestling before the show They said they would get into it more later in the show.

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Cultaholic Wrestling Podcast #71: How Successfully Will AEW Compete With WWE?