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Vancouver vs toronto population email pen pals for students Moving to Canada also means you have a varied selection of towns and cities at your fingertips, so whether you are looking to live in the hustle and bustle of a buzzing city, a town with rugged hiking routes and exhilarating extreme sports on your doorstep, or if you want to take it take to basics and live the peaceful life, all are possible when you live in Canada. A grand majority of individuals who migrate to Canada choose to live in the highly populated and lively cities, the two ring leaders being Vancouver or Toronto. So where should you live when you move to Canada? The largest city in Canada is Toronto, with a population of , people. Vancouver is one of the most densely populated regions in all of North America. An annual cost of living survey ranking cities around the world shows Toronto and Vancouver are tied for Canada's most expensive cities. TORONTO vs VANCOUVER – QMM are specialised movers open-minded and humorous population, an astonishingly low crime rate and.

As I listened to the presentations and toured various city neighbourhoods, I realized there were many lessons Vancouver could teach Toronto. But there was also much we could learn in return. Toronto is now a very big city.

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Share this post. Vancouver vs. The nightlife, shopping and eating options are generally better than Vancouver. Laidback and health-focused with a dash of hippy, Vancouver is perfect for those who like their cities a little more on the relaxed side think San Francisco or Melbourne. Skiing and kayaking, for example, can both be done within a 30-minute drive from downtown.

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