Lançamento: Vampire Weekend divulga o clipe da música “Harmony Hall”

By | 14.06.2019

Vampire weekend harmony hall best app to make japanese friends Click to print Opens in new window The music world is overflowing with pop, trap, hip-hop and electronica galore. That is why a breath of fresh musical air is so inviting. a brief change from the norm sounds like nothing better. Well, if you are one to partake in indie rock with African and world music inspirations and have patience for your favorite artists, then your time is now. Vampire Weekend, almost six years since their last release, are re-entering the ring. To understand the dynamic now, it is worth taking a look at the beginnings of Vampire Weekend. The Thrilling Uncoolness of Vampire Weekend's 'Harmony Hall' Which is kind of like how “Harmony Hall,” among the first great thrills of Vampire Weekend revisit one of their own past lyrics for their joyous comeback single "Harmony Hall.". 6 days ago Vampire Weekend is back with its 'jammiest' album to date, Father of the Bride.

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Vampire Weekend- Harmony Hall (lyrics)

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Harmony hall: sub español Vampire Weekend

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