5 Things You Didn’t Know About Val Chmerkovskiy

By | 16.06.2019

Val chmerkovskiy violin carbon dating definition biology References Overview Valentin Chmerkovskiy found his passion for dancing at the age of seven. By twelve years old he attended his first overseas competition "The German Open Championships ". Having accomplished all he could in the world of competitive dance , the 14-time US National Champion and two-time IDSF World Dance Champion quickly rose to stardom, becoming one of the show's fan-favorites for impeccable performances that showcased not only immense talent and creativity, but an undeniable charisma to match. Since his TV debut, the Ukrainian-born dance champion continues to steal the hearts of fans—both on and off the dance floor. Val has expanded upon his talents as a dancer, choreographer and instructor to create an empire that inspires others through the art of dance. Val Chmerkovskiy will be competing on the upcoming edition of Dancing trained violinist and once played concertmaster violin with his youth. Val Chmerkovskiy will be competing on the upcoming edition of Dancing trained violinist and once played concertmaster violin with his youth. Jenna Johnson and Val Chmerkovskiy said their "I dos" in front of of I wanted to surprise Jenna and add a little touch of the violin as a.

After spending time with him earlier this year in Guatemala with Pencils of Promise, I just knew I needed to have him on the show to share more about his story and why making an impact is so important. Born in Ukraine, at age 8, he and his family immigrated to Brooklyn, NY.

Of course, that was during the Dancing With the Stars season 19 finale, when he and partner Janel Parrish finished third—a tremendous accomplishment, but short of the goal Val had in mind. Although his demeanor today is much more relaxed, it's obvious there's still a lot on his mind. Who could blame him? When you live and breathe as passionately as Val does, you don't forget easily. But his attention is on other projects at the moment—namely SWAY 2.

Elizabeth Berkley & Val Chmerkovskiy - Argentine Tango

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