The truth behind French stereotypes, from its surly waiters to its lousy music

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Typical french man with onions evan felker and miranda lambert In the mid 1900s, if you had asked nearly any British person what a Frenchman looked like, you would have got this description. He wears a beret and he rides a bike with onions hanging on the handlebars. And most of us still recognize the caricature of a French person by his jauntily-placed beret. The onions have been exchanged for a baguette and bottle of wine, but the Frenchman of our imagination just wouldn't seem French without his trusty beret. After all, the beret has never been a head-covering worn by the masses, mostly just artists, soldiers, manual laborers, and movie stars. Find the perfect french man onions stock photo. Traditional 'Johnny Onions' french breton onion seller with his bicycle machynlleth powys wales - Traditional . These Guys Are Bringing Back the Onion-Selling French Stereotype reason that the British hold such cliched ideas of the typical Frenchman. The most stereotypical stock photo of a Frenchman we could find this caricature of the French male is down to a few so-called "Onion.

We sort the facts from the fiction. Including its waiters. But what would you prefer?

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