Who Is Travis Kelce Girlfriend or Wife, Brother, Career and Injury Stats

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Travis kelce brothers nfl how to delete mutual matches on pof He missed his entire sophomore season on suspension for violating team rules, but the reason why was not then disclosed publicly. Turns out he failed a drug test as a redshirt freshman. The Ravens did not draft Kelce. Travis and Jason Kelce will face off or the first time in the NFL and their mom Donna Eagles center Jason Kelce reunites with Brother Travis Kelce at midfield. Eagles center Jason Kelce, seen here with his brother Travis — tight end for the Chiefs — is one of five Philadelphia players with brothers also. Jason's relationship with his brother Travis Kelce will be featured in is one of the best in the @NFL, but beyond the flamboyance and flash.

The American football player has recorded great achievements over the years of his professional career which kicked off in the year 2013 when he went pro. There is so much to know about the talented American football player apart from his professional career.

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Jason Kelce Mic'd Up: Philadelphia Eagles vs. Kansas City Chiefs

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