When God Doesn't Give You a Mate

By | 01.06.2019

Tired of waiting on god for a husband japanese persecution of christianity movie Jesus is a young handsome prince who saved me from many bad, unhealthy relationships. Seven years later he still romances me. We lived happily ever after. God often answers our prayers with the four letter word, WAIT. As my husband and I weight trained for an adventure vacation, these became familiar phrases.

But like all of our deepest longings and desires, it has the potential to carry us to heights in God—when we allow Him to be in charge of it—or to places of desperation when it becomes more important than our love affair with Him. The latter was my story. Without even realizing it, I ran from Christ; stopped trusting Him with my personal life, and ceased to acknowledge His authority, which resulted in a three-year-long depression.

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Pin I have no doubt that you have heard people talk about how we live in an impatient society; fixated on instant gratification and a love for shortcuts. Just look at how annoyed we get if our Wi-Fi is slow or if a package takes longer than expected to arrive. When we read the account in Genesis we get from the point of the promise being spoken to the fulfilment of that promise in about five minutes. Actually, that period lasted around 25 years. Twenty-five real years that each contained 52 weeks.

Waiting On God - Praying For Your Future husband

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I bet you're waiting for something right now. And I don't mean the traffic light to change or the water pot to boil. I mean, you're really waiting, aren't you? God wants me to want Him more than any particular outcome or hope fulfilled. I waited a long time for two of my heart's greatest desires, marriage and motherhood.

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As my husband and I weight trained for an adventure vacation, these became familiar phrases at our local gym. We got tired, sore, hot, and sweaty. Waiting for a soul mate? Waiting for a pregnancy or a rebellious teen or prodigal to come home?

Waiting on A Man Who Loves God

Tired Of Waiting On A Husband?

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I joked with him that he had a deadline to turn it in to me, but then I kind of forgot about it. Waiting for what God has planned for you can seem impossible. Therein lies the secret of dating — understanding that God has everything laid out for us already… we just have to have the strength and fortitude to trust His plan.