Tim Howard: 'I hope Liverpool never win a title while I'm still breathing'

By | 09.06.2019

Tim howard buys soccer team blind date 1987 greek subs I think probably being able to play in the World Cup is the pinnacle for every player so I think for me that is highest on my list of accomplishments. How do you set goals for yourself? You want to win every weekend so that's the goal. Yearly goals are important, I think if you set goals that are too, too far off in the distance, it's hard to keep on track. So as a team, we'll set a goal for what is important this year and then you set mini goals that you want to achieve along the way in terms of point totals or where you want to finish in the table so you can ultimately accomplish your biggest goal. Ex-Everton and Manchester United keeper Tim Howard talks all about his playing career, and those thoughts have included owning a football club. When we recruit players, we're letting them know that this is no Mickey. In fall , Tim Howard was named a minority owner of Memphis FC ( Football Club), the United Soccer League team set to debut. Timothy Matthew Howard is an American soccer player who plays for and . However, they also bought experienced Dutch goalkeeper Edwin van der Sar from Fulham soon after. Howard repreted the United States under national team at the FIFA World Youth Championship in Nigeria.

He now plies his trade with MLS outfit Colorado Rapids, but at the age of 39, his thoughts have inevitably turned to life after his playing career, and those thoughts have included owning a football club. Tim, getting right to the heart of it, what struck you about this project that made you want to get involved in the first place? So when I spoke to Peter Freund, who was the principle owner, we talked about the possibility of bringing the team to Memphis and I jumped on board, and it was a very good match between Peter and myself.

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