Pesky robocalls targeted by 40 state attorneys general, including Texas AG Paxton

By | 22.05.2019

Texas attorney general phone number scooby doo velma and daphne After the unwitting victim divulges this sensitive personal information, the caller claims that the entire matter can be resolved if the victim immediately pays the purported debt through a bank draft. The victim is told to go to a nearby convenience store, purchase a pre-paid debit card, load it with cash, and call back the identity thief to provide the number off the back of the card. Stop to verify the request ny Texans who reported this scheme to our office recognized that the payment demand was a scam, knowing that they have no child support or any other type of case with the OAG and therefore owe no funds to our office. These residents wisely refused to share their card number or personal information with the imposters and instead reported the calls to our office. Consumer Protection The Attorney General for the state of Texas protects In some cases, significant numbers of complaints about a businessgive rise to legal Contact us if you cannot find the information you need on this website. The Texas Attorney General's Office includes an open government division and on its website offers tips, answers frequently asked questions and publishes. Jobs 1 - 25 of 61 New Attorney General Of Texas jobs added daily. in a claims processing, criminal justice, customer service, social service, experience.

His Cases Suggest Otherwise.

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The grand jury in the northern Dallas suburb of McKinney handed up a three-count indictment against Mr. Paxton on Tuesday, the officials said. The indictment is to be unsealed on Monday, when Mr.

Texas Attorney General re-indicted on same charges

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