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Swipe lifetime movie cool games inc reddit Written by Sophie Tilson and Shanrah Wakefield Directed by Matthew Leutwyler Just when you thought Lifetime was all out of ways to make you think the internet was coming to kill you, Lifetime reminds you that there are a bajillion new apps that have been made in the past decade, each and every one easily turned into a cautionary tale of how it will destroy you. Wrong Swipe could have been a discussion about hookup culture, apps replacing actually going out and meeting people, and even throwing in stuff about how some people are so overworked that a personal life is a luxury. There is even a few bits where they directly point out the league of men who think that just because they were swiped on an app they deserve attention and love from the women, including multiple pressure to go out on dates. But all of that is either tossed aside or completely ignored as Lifetime had to go Lifetime it all up with stalking and murder. Heck, Sasha reconnected with her high school boyfriend, Matt Rhys Ward , thanks to the app. Part of it is fun, swiping through a batch of strangers with the potential of meeting Lifetime's Movie Shows A Scary Side Of Online Dating. Today's Awful App is Tinder, or “Swipe” as it's known in Wrong Swipe, as a Probably the most random Lifetime thing in the movie was Anna.

The women are sisters. Anna Anna Hutchison, who may be best known for playing doomed Jules in The Cabin In The Woods is an uptight law school student who spends way too much time studying. Her sister, Sasha Karissa Lee Staples , decides that Anna desperately needs to get laid so she goads her into downloading the Swipe app.

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By Allison Piwowarski Feb 13 2016 Online dating is a love hate relationship. Part of it is fun, swiping through a batch of strangers with the potential of meeting someone you connect with. Then there's the darker side to online dating , sometimes linked to privacy invasion and possibly stalking. Just in time for Valentine's Day, Lifetime is diving into the potential perils of online dating with Wrong Swipe, specifically the dangers that come with a particularly clingy "match" on the fictional dating app "Swipe.

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