'Vanderpump Rules' Recap: Stassi's Boyfriend Beau Cries as He Reveals He Feels 'Battered'

By | 06.07.2019

Stassi and beau vanderpump rules ikon yunhyeong age We didn't think we could love Stassi Schroeder's boyfriend, Beau Clark , any more than we already did, but then we saw Monday's episode of "Vanderpump Rules. After all the girls drunkenly decided to go skinny dipping at an ungodly hour of the night, she decided she wasn't down. Beau tried to hype her up and remind her they were on vacation, but she simply wan't in the mood. He finally convinced her, saying he was eager to hang with the guys, and she reluctantly went. He apologized and helped her brush off the moodiness so that she wouldn't ruin the rest of her night. Stassi Schroeder and boyfriend Beau Clark have been dating for more than a year now, but the Vanderpump Rules couple only just completed. 1 day ago Are more wedding bells ringing at SUR? Stassi Schroeder and Beau Clark could be the next Vanderpump Rules couple to walk down the aisle. Vanderpump Rules' star Stassi Schroeder opened up in an interview with The New York Times about what her boyfriend, Beau Clark, thought.

The reality-show star has a new advice book.

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