Sofia Carson Just Wrapped Filming For "Descendants 3" And Shared The Cutest Caption On Instagram

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Sofia carson instagram disney online dating trolls Growing up in Miami, Carson always had a love for music and performance. It was so much drama. I've definitely always been influenced by pop music, starting back in the day with The Beatles and Michael Jackson. Today, I really admire artists who tell stories through their music. Lyrics to me are of utmost importance and they mean so much to me -- in every song that I write, the lyrics have to come from my heart and they have to be honest and true. The latest Tweets from Sofia Carson . I love you and all your ins and outs. Sofia Carson just hit 11 million followers on Instagram! third installment of the Disney Channel original movie series — took a walk down. Sofia Carson has had quite a few busy months, from filming for Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists. View More on Instagram She's also been filming Descendants the Disney Channel Original Movie where she reprises.

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