Slightly Stoopid Get Groovy on ‘Top of the World’

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Slightly stoopid albums ranked christian leblanc leaves y and r Houston of course is along the road. Known for never sticking to just one specific genre, Slightly Stoopid will hit the stage at Cynthia Woods Sunday evening. Rocks Off. Now I kind of got started with the band when I was in high school, probably because I was such a huge Sublime fan. The band started as a duo and has grown into a six-piece or more. What brought you into Slightly Stoopid? Slightly Stoopid is an American band based in the Ocean Beach neighborhood of San Diego, California, who describe their music as "a fusion of folk, rock, reggae and blues with hip-hop, funk, metal and punk." As a band, they have released thirteen albums , with their ninth Just a good time – we rely on each other's energy. A radio version of the album's title track, “Top of the World,” was recently In , Slightly Stoopid was ranked in Pollstar's "Top 50 Touring. Slightly Stoopid chart history for all songs and albums on Billboard, the go-to source for what's hot in music. Ranked by performance on chart. 1 Hit 1 Top.

Smack in the middle of its new CD, "Meanwhile … Back at the Lab," after seven songs of the laid-back Southern California-style mix of reggae, funk, soul and rock that is Slightly Stoopid's trademark, the group unleashes the song "F--- You. I don't want to just play punk rock music my whole career.

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Stick Figure / Set in Stone (Full Album)

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Slightly Stoopid - Too Late (Feat. Stick Figure) New Song 2018

Slightly Stoopid - Slightly Not Stoned Enough To Eat Breakfast Yet Stoopid (Full Album)

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