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Shot put technique pdf developare poze cluj iulius Relationship between distance and 1RM was determined via general linear model polynomial contrast analysis and regression. Analysis also provided a quadratic equation to compare personal best distance and 1RM power clean. The power clean was found to be more closely related to shot put distance as compared with squat and also with bench press, which is the least related. Based on the results of this investigation, in addition to strength exercises such as the squat and bench press, power exercises such as the power clean should also be incorporated into strength and conditioning programs of shot put athletes for optimal performance. Today both techniques are being utilized by the top throwers in the world. Drills, and parallel movements should be priy in technical introduction and instruction of Shot Put introduction, and instruction of Shot Put. The Purpose of the Rotational Technique is not to make the ball go further. The Purpose of the Rotational Technique is to put the athlete's body in. The glide shot put has increasingly become somewhat of a technical relic. Developmental and High School throwers can learn the basic technique with.

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